Laurie Fisher

Painting is my personal, visceral response to the world. I am inspired by the natural world and also by the depth and complexity of the human spirit. I’m simultaneously awestruck and baffled by our very existence, and my urge as a painter to name, or at least to document artfully, something true. I’m driven by a fierce truth-telling and an open-eyed acceptance of all of it — the complexities, the messiness, the bliss, and the beauty of our lives. 

I bring to the canvas a sensibility of color and an eye for balance and design, which I’ve honed through home design and other creative endeavors over the years. I was writing nonfiction at the time I first picked up a paintbrush, and I brought to my writing the same internal urges that I bring to painting. Creating with words, I was less attached to writing something convincing, profound, or intellectually innovative than I was with the actual sounds and cadence of language and writing sentences that were as true as I could write them. I use language, and now paint, to evoke something raw and authentic.