Orange with Pink Lind Study| Laurie Fisher.jpg
Blue, Green, Yellow  | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Studio January 2019 | Laurie Fisher.jpeg
Maine Home & Design, February 2017
Stripe  In Pyrrole Orange, detail | Laurie Fisher.jpeg
Free (in studio) | Laurie Fisher.jpeg
Feb 3 2019 | Laurie Fisher.jpeg
Red, Blue 1 & 2 | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Rise (installation) | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio June 3 2018.jpg
Grid in situ | Laurie Fisher
Lauire Fisher Studio May 2018.jpg
Laurie FIsher 20x20 pair.jpeg
Laurie Fisher (ABstraction No.4) in Serena&Lily.jpeg
Studio wall April 2018 | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Cobalts 2 | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Indigo Study 2 in studio |Laurie FIsher.jpg
Orange Crush | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Abstraction No.2 & 3 in studio | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Commision 10:17 | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Numerator- Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 3:18.jpg
Blues and Olive Yellow| Laurie FIsher.jpg
ibid 3 | Laurie Fisher
Laurie Fisher Studio Wall 3:2:17.jpg
Wild Goose - Laurie Fisher.jpg
Grid 2017.jpg
Laurie Fisher studio 4:17.jpg
landscape | Laurie Fisher 2017.jpg
Ocean House Gallery.jpg
Laurie Fisher, studio 12:17.jpg
Laurie Fisher studio wall | Grid on Pinks.jpg
Winter Study 2 |Laurie Fisher.jpg
to have and to hold - Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 3.17.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 8.jpg
Violet, Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Gallery.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 3.jpg
Love Shack - Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio.jpg
Laurie Fisher WIP wall 2:28:17.jpg
Abstraction No 1 in studio | Laurie Fisher.jpg
Rounding Whitehead - Laurie Fisher.jpg
over under - Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher studio wall 4:17.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 2.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 5.jpg
Sprout|Laurie Fisher.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio Wall.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 4.jpg
Laurie Fisher Studio 7.jpg
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