Each painting emerges from path of its own. Resolution of the painting is the goal from the first mark. I work to build and balance the painting's architecture using color,  lines, colors, scratches, straight edges, gestural and  non-gestural components, white paint, and layers of paint added and subtracted.

While I sometimes approach a fresh, blank canvas with an idea in mind —color, structure, inspiration — the painting almost never follows a preconceived plan. Each painting builds upon itself. Each mark informs the next. There is a point in the creation of every painting I have to push myself out of the nest and trust my gut. Sometimes my urges seem absurd and intellectually all wrong. I usually do it anyway.

Finished works feel aesthetically balanced and quiet.

The tools I use:  oil paints, acrylic paints, graphite and colored pencils, sharpies, oil sticks, chalk, pastels. Chaos is often balanced with straight lines. I add and subtract layers in the process. I like to scratch with pencils, knitting needles, scissors, palette knives and fingernails. I use mostly flat brushes, bits of cardboard, credit cards, anything with a clean edge.